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Nail Treatments at Relax Beauty Clinic

What is Bio Sculpture (Bio Gel)?

Bio Sculpture Gel creates beautiful, flexible, and durable nails, but unlike many other techniques will not damage the natural nail.
Many alternative “nail extension” methods often result in an unnatural and overly “thick” finish, often requiring extensive drilling to the nail surface on application (or removal) causing unnecessary damage. Traditional manicures, on the other hand are often short lived, with varnish sometimes smudging or chipping just moments after leaving the salon.

Bio Sculpture Gel shields your real nails allowing then to grow and strengthen below. The gel provides a thin (but strong) natural looking overlay. A choice of either permanent nail colour,or a French finish is available, both of which will last for weeks, without wearing or chipping.

Manicure $50
French manicure $55
Reshape, buff & polish $30
French polish an extra $10

Non Chip Nail Polish

Shape & shellac: $42
Shape & French shellac: $50
Manicure & Shellac: $60
Manicure & French Shellac: $68
Shape & shellac toes: $50
Pedicure & shellac: $75
Pedicure & French Shellac: $80

SNS Nails – Strong organic product. Helps to strengthen natural nails.

Overlays: $60
French Overlays: $65
Extensions: $80

Bio sculpture gel-permanent nail colour that doesn’t damage your natural nail.

Clear overlays or infills: $45
Overlays Colour: $60
Infills: $60
Soak Off & New Overlays: $70
French an extra: $5
Repairs: $10
Repairs with infills: $5
Soak off (gel only): $30

Pedicure: $60
Deluxe pedicure: $80
File, buff, polish: $35
French, an extra: $5
Shape & shellac toes: $45
Pedicure & shellac: $75
Pedicure & French Shellac: $80


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